Our Story

Never say never…..

As you may already know, Matthew has decided to follow a career in the fire service (where the heck did he get that idea), and has hired on with the Mesquite, Texas Fire Department.  While his many friends and customers in East Texas will miss him, service from Lone Star Lawn Sprinklers will continue to be the best there is.

After saying goodbye to so many loyal customers when I handed the reins over to Matthew Koop back in 2011, I truly believed I had left the “hands-on” side of the irrigation industry forever…..and yet was unable to convince myself to save a few dollars and let my Irrigators License #14357 go away….

I thought “Hey, it might be handy in some other line of work, or for the occasional consulting work…..” but I knew better. Somehow I think Matt knew too.

When I founded Lone Star Lawn Sprinklers in 2007, my company was based on treating my customers with honesty and integrity, solving problems and completing jobs with experience, knowledge, and the desire to do the best job possible, all while developing relationships with the best customers in the world. From these foundations I never doubted that Lone Star Lawn Sprinklers was the best in the industry. Thankfully, Matthew held these same beliefs, and was able to add a marketing touch that did not come as natural to me. While I was able to to teach Matthew some of the skills honed by 20 years in the industry, he was able to grow the company in ways I might have missed.

Thanks Matt, for holding the reins for awhile, but also for handing them back.

Darren McCawley
owner and founder,

Lone Star Lawn Sprinklers